Scouting is a uniformed movement

Members of Sections and Leaders must adhere to the Policy and Rules

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From head to toe:

a sun protective hat for daytime activities

The scout shirt, scarf and woggle as shown above

The scout belt is also part of the official scout uniform. Check with your leader or order from the scout shop.

Shorts or pants for official functions beige (sand or stone)
Shorts or pants for group activities: beige, navy blue or grey
Cleveland also accepts black, Denim jeans are not to be worn.

Enclosed footwear: shoes, boots or joggers (Official, black or brown colour only).

Members are required to be dressed in neat and tidy attire, remembering that the way they dress reflects on the image
of the Scouting Movement
. Members should dress appropriately for the type of activity in which they are participating.