Few ideas on how can you help!

Cans Logistics Treasure and Trash
Fill up our cage with cans,
an easy fund-raiser for all
Help with the logistics, take
youth to and/or from camps
Offer items that may be relevant for
our group Craft supplies always good
Working bees Book Fest Talents
Participate to working bees,
We are doing footpath soon
Donate books to the Rotary next door, or
come help and or buy at the next Bookfest
Share your know how or talents,
from work or hobbies
Trivia Raffles Hand
Participate to Fundraising
In person or in donation
Give items or sell raffle tickets,
Christmas'one was very sucessful
Lend a hand on busy nights
or when leaders are away

or check the notice board for any help / item wanted
or become more involve in our group, see tabs "Sections", "More".