About us!

Cleveland Scout Group is the longest operating group in Queensland

Scouting started in the Redlands in 1912 with a notice in the local newspaper calling for interest of boys and parents to attend a meeting at the newspaper building in Shore Street Cleveland [near current RSL]. Meetings were held for some time in this building. The foundling group continued at various strengths though the First World War years as leaders signed up for the war effort. District badges
t Originally an Irishman, Thomas Gloster (1854- 1941) moved to Ormiston and served the Cleveland Scouts for two decades, with the scouting name of “Grey Owl”, nurturing and training many young men (in those days) in the ways of scouting. Thomas was one of the real “Old Timers” of Queensland Scouting and was a retired professional soldier. Thomas later lived in Ormiston and became Assistant Scout Master Cleveland Troop in 1922 and remained with the Unit almost 20 years, being appointed Group Scout Master in 1933. In addition to Scouting in the Cleveland Group, he was active as Quartermaster of the first Wood Badge Course at Ormiston in 1924, qualifying himself for the Wood Badge at the same time. He was awarded the Medal of Merit in 1932 for his service to Scouting. Thomas “Grey Owl” Gloster was also intimate with Scouting founder Sir Lord Baden-Powell, with word that there was a wager on who would outlive the other. Thomas died in January 1941 at age 86 just two days after Baden-Powell.
In 1920, local residents petitioned the Local Council to make Section 96 (portion of land corner Gordon & Bainbridge Streets, Ormiston) a recreation reserve. In 1922, the local Baden-Powell Boy Scouts were granted permission to erect a club room on the Ormiston Recreational Reserve. After the 2nd World War, the local Scout troop purchased a building that was used as a recreational hall during the war for the US gunnery camp at Wellington Point. It was dismantled and erected on Section 96 where the building is still in use today. Extracts from redland.qld.gov.au archives. Cleveland Scout group is not the oldest group, but because the den remained open during WWII to scouts ladies making war blankets, it is on the the only queensland group that did not stop during the war making it the longest operating group in QLD Den view Street


Today our group is still very strong, soon with all sections represented. All our adult members hold blue cards and are trained in Child Protection and Safety and Work Health and Safety. All our leaders also hold a current Fist Aid certificate and are continuously train by Scout Australia, with most holding their woodbadge (Completion of leaders'training).